Where Can I Buy Open Caching?

The specifications which define Open Caching, once they have been ratified by the Streaming Video Alliance board and membership, are available free-of-charge to the public. Some vendors are offering commercialized versions of Open Caching technology. They provide managed support and other benefits that you wouldn’t get if you took the specifications and/or code and built an Open Caching network yourselves.

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Whether you are a technology vendor, network operator, or content owner in the streaming video space, you need a seat at the Open Caching table. Come help us design and build the video caching system of the future!

The Streaming Video Alliance is a global technical consortia with contributing companies from across the video ecosystem. Open Caching is one of the Alliance’s working groups. You can learn more about the Alliance, and how to participate, by visiting the website at www.streamingvideoalliance.org.

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