Footprint and Capabilities Interface

What Does The Footprint and Capabilities Interface (FCI) Cover?

The Open Caching FCI is an interface within the Open Caching Provisioning Component. It covers the following:

SP OCS Footprint ObjectDescriptionCDNi MI/FCI ObjectComments
Delivery ProtocolsList of delivery protocols supported by the OCSFCI.DeliveryProtocol object. Uses protocol types as defined in RFC8006
Acquisition ProtocolsList of acquisition protocols supported by the OCSFCI.AcquisitionProtocol object. Uses protocol types as defined in RFC8006
Redirection MethodsList of redirection methods supported by the OCSFCI.RedirectionMode object. Uses redirection modes as defined in RFC8008
MetadataList of generic metadata types supported by the OCSFCI.Metadata object gives a list of supported metadata types
URI SigningIndicate support for URI signing as defined in CDNi URI signing draftUse FCI.Metadata to advertise support of MI.UriSigning
URI TokenizationIndicate support for URI tokenizationUse FCI.Metadata to advertise support of URI tokenization metadataMissing Specifications
CORS headersIndicate support for HTTP Access control CORS headersUse FCI.Metadata to advertise support of CORS headersMissing Specifications
HTTP header rewrite rulesIndicate support for HTTP Header rewriteUse FCI.Metadata to advertise support of header rewriteMissing specifications
TLSVersions of TLS and key strengths supported by the OCSNo CDNi equivalentMissing specifications
FootprintFootprint object defines the footprint to which the capability appliesMI.Footprint
IPv4 CIDRIPv4 CIDR footprint typeipv4cidr
IPv6 CIDRIPv6 CIDR footprint typeipv6cidr
ASN NumberASN number footprint typeasn
Country codeCountry code footprint typecountrycode
Geo locationGeolocation footprint typeNo CDNi equivalentNeed to RFC geolocation

Other Open Caching Provisioning Interfaces

The Open Caching Provisioning Component has the following additional interfaces:

Provisioning Specifications

The following documents are related to the Open Caching Provisioning Component.

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