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What Is It?

The Open Caching Configuration Interface is defined by a set of three documents which specify the motivational drivers, use cases, and standards for a configuration interface to facilitate interoperability within the content delivery network (CDN) and open caching ecosystems. This document set presents a layered architecture that extends the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) CDN Interconnect (CDNi) metadata model and adds publishing layer Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to provide configuration management capabilities required by the CDN and open caching industries.

Document 1: Overview and Architecture

The objectives of this document are to identify the motivational drivers for an industry standard CDN Configuration Interface; illustrate relationships between the set of specifications, capabilities, APIs, and entities that use and implement these standards; and place this set of specifications in context of other SVA Open Caching documents and IETF CDNI RFCs.

Document 2: Extensions to CDNi Metadata Model

This document provides all the necessary information for an Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) memo describing the Streaming Video Alliance (SVA) metadata interface requirements beyond those stated in RFC-7337 (Content Distribution Network Interconnection Requirements), along with requested extensions to RFC-8006 (Content Delivery Network Interconnection Metadata).

Document 3: Publishing Layer APIs

The CDNi specifications RFC-8006 and RFC-8007 document the requirements for interfaces that allow an upstream CDN (uCDN) to trigger the downstream CDN (dCDN) to refresh and purge metadata. They also provide an interface for the dCDN to pull metadata from the uCDN, when needed. These simple interfaces, however, do not provide capabilities for the uCDN to push metadata to the dCDN, nor do they provide the rich set of CDN configuration publishing and life-cycle management capabilities required by the CDN industry and open caching ecosystem.
This specification documents a configuration publishing layer providing two sets of capabilities, each implemented by an API: Simple Metadata Interface and Advanced Configuration Publishing.

How It Works

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The following documents are related to this API.

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