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What is

Open Caching?

Caching Node

An Open Caching Node represents a caching server, within a content delivery architecture, that complies with Open Caching specifications. The cache can either be built using the specifications (such as for an ISP implementing Open Caching at the edge of their network), or Open Caching functionality can be added through plugins or other means (such as for a Content Delivery Network caches or OTT Platform origins).


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Request Router

The Request Router handles the inbound request for content and forwards this request to the appropriate caching node within an environment. The Open Caching specifications identify three methods of routing: DNS, HTTP, and Manifest.


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Control Plane

The Control Plane handles all communication related to management of configurations, content purging and pre-positioning, logging, and security. While the Request workflow is focused on the end user’s ability to retrieve content, the Control Plane is focused on how the different members of the video distribution chain are empowered to partake in the delivery process.


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Open Caching Technical Specifications

(DRAFT) Home Storage Open Caching Node

The Home Storage Open Caching Node (HS-OCN) project adds functionality to the open caching system to further improve quality of experience (QoE) on networks with last mile challenges including speed

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